The Dark Matter Goal

Our end goal is to sell enough to be able to open an in-person store while making all of our products ourselves. Each product sale we make goes straight back into making Dark Matter Clothing a better place to shop whether that is funding ads, improving the website, paying an artist, or paying our promoters. With your help all of the revenue generated from sales will be funneled into purchasing our very first storefront as well as the equipment we need to start printing & making clothes on our own. It's a pretty simple goal and we hope that you experience the passion DMC puts into achieving it. 

Return Policy

Our simple return & refund process is designed to make sure that not a single one of our customers pays for something they don't like while also protecting us against fraud. The customer is allowed 30 days to return the product to 121 Heritage Riverwood Drive I, Central SC 29630 for a full refund. All refund related inquiries can be directed at admin@darkmatterclothing.net.